Merry Christmas to Beslan from Romina Power

"I, Romina Power, want to wish a Merry Christmas to all Beslan residents. Wishing you peace, love and bright future. I love you".
"Я Рoмина Пауэр, хочу поздравить с Рождеством всех жителей Беслана. Желаю Вам Мира, любви и светлого будущего. Я Вас люблю"

"The Beslan Massacre: Myths & Facts" Book Review by Kirkus Reviews

An investigative review of the notorious Beslan massacre that thoroughly pieces together a version of what really happened, debunking long-standing mythology along the way.

Burakov, in his journalistic debut, wanted to present the whole truth, following the evidence wherever it led. The result is a fearless examination that anatomizes every available shred of evidence and relentlessly interrogates every rumor that previously masqueraded as fact. In September 2004, armed assailants stormed a school in Beslan, North Ossetia. They planted explosives and took hundreds of hostages, many of them students. Burakov scrutinizes the nature of the terrorist organization that perpetrated the attack, then compares the roles of the local police versus the Federal Security Service of Russia and tries to discern the true cause of the catastrophic explosions that took place in the gymnasium. He grimly reveals the full extent of the casualties, which mortify the official number. Helpfully, the book provides ample background information, detailing the region’s troubled history from the 18th century through two Chechen wars and up to the present. The reasons for the current welter of misinformation regarding the Beslan massacre turn out to be as morbidly fascinating as the massacre itself: a grotesque amalgam of Russian governmental spin, contradictory witness accounts, and the bias of the Western press. In the aftermath of the debacle, rhetoric about the massacre became a craven political tool. “With the Russian government maintaining silence, the informational space related to coverage of Beslan naturally came under the control of sources in opposition to the government and to the President. The massive smear campaign resulted in unofficial alliances of parties so dissimilar in nature that it would almost be unimaginable for them to work together in any other situation.” And, he says, the battle for truth isn’t over. “Remnants of the fight have continued for years after the crisis and have shifted to social media causing the splitting of the Internet world into pro- and anti-government camps.” What emerges from Burakov’s analysis is much more than a vivid picture of one terrible event; it’s also a look at an entire region in the throes of dysfunction.

A remarkable testament to the power of investigative journalism in the face of lies and careless rumor.


Expert comments

As I’ve said in the top post, I have a YouTube channel (“Beslan Reyndar”) where I post videos related to Beslan. Recently, someone made a comment to one of the videos that went as follows:

Would I not know better I would say "rescue operation" Russian way. As I know better I feel real question is: was it another Putin's false flag operation, or did he merely knew about a plot, let them do it, than gave order to spetsnaz to attack (in order so he can use it in his own cause)?

I felt compelled to respond:
Beslan Reyndar
Sorry to burst your bubble but you don't know better. All the things you said are popular myths that the media made you believe.

The following discussion started afterwards. I’m pasting it here because the comments got too long for YouTube (I’m just pasting them as the were at the time when I was writing this post):

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Book available through CreateSpace

"The Beslan Massacre: Myths and Facts" is now available through the publisher's website.

Use the code P42AC8YS at the checkout to obtain a 25% discount off the retail price. The main reason the price is still so high is that the book contains 420 full color pages resulting in a very high cost of producing it. The electronic version (Kindle) should be available on Amazon soon and I expect to keep the price much lower. Details to follow.