March 2nd, 2015

Expert comments

As I’ve said in the top post, I have a YouTube channel (“Beslan Reyndar”) where I post videos related to Beslan. Recently, someone made a comment to one of the videos that went as follows:

Would I not know better I would say "rescue operation" Russian way. As I know better I feel real question is: was it another Putin's false flag operation, or did he merely knew about a plot, let them do it, than gave order to spetsnaz to attack (in order so he can use it in his own cause)?

I felt compelled to respond:
Beslan Reyndar
Sorry to burst your bubble but you don't know better. All the things you said are popular myths that the media made you believe.

The following discussion started afterwards. I’m pasting it here because the comments got too long for YouTube (I’m just pasting them as the were at the time when I was writing this post):

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