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Beslan School Hostage Crisis

September 4, 2004.

Again. This post contains very graphic photos. Use discretion when viewing.

On the night of September 4th, President Putin came to Beslan where he visited the city hospital and then proceeded to a meeting with the HQ members.

Putin in the Beslan hospital. The woman on the bed is Lidiya Tsalieva - the school's headmistress.

In the morning, Ministry of Emergencies (Emercom) workers started clearing out the rubble. Various investigators began the evidence gathering process.

Beginning of the crime scene examination. Northern courtyard, where the festivities were held on September 1st.

Used tubes of "RPO-A" flamethrowers on the lawn.

Investigators are entering the gym through a hole in a wall. A round object on the left (above number "4" in the date stamp) appears to be a anti-personnel landmine OZM-72 that hadn't gone off. The yellow shape towards the right is a woman's body, which has been severely deformed by the blasts and fire.

A total of 87 body fragments, like the ones pictured, were recovered. DNA-testing had to be performed to identify the victims.

Bodies were lying mixed with the debris from the roofing materials, insulation and slate. The layer was knee deep.

Traces of the OZM-72 explosion on the wall. In this part of the gym, the biggest part of the explosive chain was activated. This was the deadliest blast of all.

Emercom crane at work clearing out the debris of the southern wing.

Coaches' room. The body is that of a 74-year old PE teacher - Ivan Kanidi. After the explosions he tried taking an assault rifle away from a terrorist. The teacher managed to do it but slipped. The terrorist pulled out a handgun and shot the teacher point blank.

Another photo from the gym.

The man is holding a suicide bomber's belt that didn't go off.

A discovered grenade with a bent fuze.

A female suicide bomber ("shakheedka"), who didn't blow herself up was found in one of the classrooms.

In the adjacent classroom a terrorists' grenade launcher, food and some gear was recovered.

Female suicide bombers.

"Khattabka" - a self-made fragmentation grenade made out of VOG-17 - an AGS-17 (automatic grenade launcher) round. These devices have been very popular during the Second Chechen War due to abundance of VOG-17.

Hand grenades and VOG-17 rounds.

Terrorist known as Abu-Farukh. An RPO-A blast ripped a door off a fridge, which, in turn, ripped his head off.

Terrorists buried in the rubble. The one on the lower photo was barely 18 at the time of the attack.

Terrorists by the entrance into the assembly hall (second floor above the canteen room)

Assembly hall. Pictured is Vladimir Khodov. According to the hostages, he was the most cruel out of the terrorists. Ukrainian by birth, Khodov was adopted by an Ossettian man and lived in the Elkhotovo village not far from Beslan before converting into radical Islam.

Another terrorist.

Classrom on the second floor of the central wing (the gym wing). Apparently taken by Special Forces it was used to suppress terrorists' firing positions in the southern wing. The floor was covered with grenade shells.

Classroom where adult male hostages were executed by the terrorists on September 1st. Bodies were thrown out the window.

Teachers' room was used by the terrorists as headquarters. Unlike the hostages, the scumbags ate and drank plenty.

Library windows through which Special Forces entered the building on September 3rd. The truck behind the window is the GAZ-66 off road military truck used by the terrorists to get to school.

Broken floor of the library, which led to myths that firearms where hidden at the school prior to the attack. In reality, nothing was hidden there. The terrorists were breaking the floors to ensure that there are no secret passage ways that Special Fores could use. They also broke the floors in the gym.

Body bags full of hostages' bodies.

A view from the gym attic. Or what's left of it.

Sports complex across from the school building. The ark spot in the center is the trace left by an RPG-7. The terrorists used it in an attempt to hit a tank, which was standing near there.

Terrorists' truck. After rushing the hostages inside, the pulled it closer to the entrance to unload explosives, ammo and other supplies.

Victims' bodies. The courtyard is filled with water after rescuers were extinguishing the fire at the gym.

Personal belongings found at the gym.

Khuchbarov, the leader of the gang, smiling into the camera on September 2nd.

Not smiling anymore on September 4th.

Those who wish to see more photos can find them here:

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