Beslan School Hostage Crisis (beslan) wrote,
Beslan School Hostage Crisis

Paperback price down to $28!

Tags: beslan hostage crisis, book on beslan

  • Book available through CreateSpace

    "The Beslan Massacre: Myths and Facts" is now available through the publisher's website. Use the code…

  • Synopsis

    This blog is dedicated to the Beslan School Hostage Crisis. Почему по английски? Все просто. По Беслану уже существуют два гигантских источника…

  • Merry Christmas to Beslan from Romina Power

    "I, Romina Power, want to wish a Merry Christmas to all Beslan residents. Wishing you peace, love and bright future. I love you". "Я Рoмина Пауэр,…

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