Myths and facts about fire

On September 3, Beslan School caught on fire, which led to 116 people being burned beyond recognition. Fire became a valuable source for conspiracy theorists, who claimed that it began right after the first explosions (i.e. around 13:05) and was a direct consequence of "flamethrowers used to kill the hostages". A myth about flamethrowers being used on a gym full of hostages has to be covered separately due to complexity of the evidence; however, let's look at the facts about fire.

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September 3, 2004.

Actually, has a large photo gallery, where events that occurred on September 3 are detailed to a minute with exact coordinates. It's in Russian but even if you are not fluent in it, you should still get a pretty good idea.

This post contains some pictures that didn't make it to the gallery and has more text as well.

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September 1st, 2004.

On August 25th, 2004, members of the gang that plotted to seize the school in Beslan started gathering in the woods near the Psedakh village, Ingushetia (roughly 30 km away from Beslan). The gang was led by a 31-year old Ingush - Ruslan Khuchbarov also known as "Polkovnik" ("The Colonel") and "Rasul". Khuchbarov reported to Shamil Basayev - a well-known terrorist on mission to turn Russian North Caucasus into an independent Islamic state.

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